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2015 How the logistics industry layout  [2015-03-14]
2015 This year, we will continue to see more of the breakthrough in the field of logistics, more innovative, more PK, more collisions, perhaps only appearance, when we penetrate the essence of logistics, industry penetration causes, we wi...more>>

2015 will welcome the growth of the logistics market  [2015-03-14]
2015 Asia-Pacific region as a whole logistics rents will grow 2.9%, well below the 7.1% growth in 2011. In Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Osaka, due from retailers, the demand for electricity providers and third-party logist...more>>

Logistics, executive power is not enough all zero  [2015-03-14]
We are entering the era of the great cross! This is a trend, not a legendary experience. In this regard, we often hear from "micro-stimulation, directional RRR, precision, power and two-way control, Internet banking, mixed ownership&...more>>

Primary logistics personnel, including declaration, cargo operations, maritime operations, purchasing, warehousing, vouching, customer service, sales staff, etc., for qualifications, experience is not critical to achieve secondary or tert...more>>

E-commerce in the 21st century as a major business model for third-party logistics to provide a broad space for development, at the same time, the development of third-party logistics also provides real protection for the realization ...more>>

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